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7 January 2012

Lynda Lapham emailed from Toowoomba:

Hi there,

I was a dreadful young thing during my time on Bougainville - end of 1975 through to end 1977. So many names flying around that I do not see here. My dad, John Lapham started with Barclays and finished there with SHRM. Ringa and Mayron Witehira, Roger (?) who used to hang out with them and had the dubious honour of being a Maori Kiwi who could not sing or play guitar (or so he claimed!), Fred Gampe, Merle and Graham Lovell, the Crouchers, a heap of Barclay Brothers people who are too numerous to mention, Gary Rigney, Mike Hetherington - or maybe it was Harrington? There was the 'infamous' John Beagley - I often wonder where in the world he wandered to. I recall many parties, some of which popped through Camp 5 Birempa. Does anyone recall Bruce McCarthys nephew ? I don't remember his name ... but, he made the mistake of passing out from too much hydration one night ... and there was a very regrettable "incident" with contact cement ... poor bloke! Hahahaha

We firstly lived in "the Butterboxes" at Toniva - anyone remember those hideous yellow flats? Then, a set of 4 units (2 x 2 duplexes) at Arawa and neighbours were, the Watts, the Carters and the Binghams. Then when Dad went working for SHRM, we went to Camp 5.

Does anyone recall "drinking lovely glublick" at the Drama Society?

I don't think I'll ever forget painting my dad's yacht, in a dinghy and watching the high jinks happening at the boat ramp ... and at the shower on the beach ... my eyes are scarred for life! ;-)

Anyhow, GREAT site! Thank you

Regards, Lynda Lapham
email territorian[AT]