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24 March 2013

Lynda Lapham emailed from Toowoomba, QLD:

Hi Peter,

I came across some more pictures from Bougainville. I don't know if you want to put them up on your website - I think they may be of interest to some (otherwise I obviously would not be even writing this! LOL)

I think the way they are named tells you all I know about the pictures and the people in them! There are a couple of pics where I cannot recall a few of the blokes names - it'd be GREAT if some peeps could ID them and fill in the blanks for me! For example, the chap with Merle Lovell on pic attachment number 4 ... I am sure his name was " Ib" and he was Danish, or somewhere close by there.I don't remember his full name - but that poor guy had something so horrible done to him whilst he was passed out cold - drunk, by a bunch of other drunk blokes, that he actually never drank again whilst he was there ... and if it had been me, I would have done exactly what he did. What happened to him was supposed to be funny - and it certainly was NOT (these so called grown men stuck a piece of kabana in his bum). Anyway, Ib was a really lovely bloke ... have always wondered where in the world he ended up.

I've resized the photo's, so that they don't take up a humungus amount of space. I just hope the quality does not suffer overly much.

Let me know if you want to use them?



[Note from Webmaster: Lynda's previous comments are here.]


Merle and Graham playing tennis BOUGAINVILLE

Cant recall his name - at Davara Pool

MAYRON who is Ringas wife, Bougainville

Merle Lovell and Maureen Lapham shopping at ARAWA, Bougainville

Mr Watt the SCOTSMAN under our duplex, ARAWA BOUGAINVILLE

Mr Chips, our dog, on DUPLEX verandah in ARAWA on Bougainville

Roger on left, Ringa on right at Barclay Darts night in SMQ, Arawa

The morning after at DAVARA Hotel Bougs

Under BARCLAY house ARAWA at a party

Snake Water Feature at DAVARA Hotel

Yachts at KIETA Bougainville

Diving into Panguna pool and YES I was clothed!

From LEFT - Craig Lapham, Andrew Watt, Graham Watt and Toni Carter

rom LEFT - Melissa Lapham (sister) John Lapham (Dad) Maureen Lapham (Mum)

From LEFT- Mrs Bingham and Maureen Lapham (my Mum)

Tony Mayne, a wee bit too much hydration methinks

LEFT - Paulline Mayne, walking away and a bunch of kids at LOLOHO

House on fire across road from butterboxes at Toniva

IB and Merle Lovelle at Barclays Single Mens Quarters in Arawa

MRS MAYNE at her house BIREMPA

JOE MAYNE at his house BIREMPA

Kids playing on LOLOHO beach BOUGAINVILLE

LYNDA, Silly young and drinking on beach BOUGAINVILLE

Merle and BILL

Mark Bingham at front Craig (my brother) behind him at Arawa duplex

Rhonda MacCauley at our house in BIREMPA Craig my bro in background