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25 May 2012

Bougainville Copper Induction Video



Gordon Wadsworth in Tasmania has kindly sent me a copy of the original Bougainville Copper Induction Video for new employees.

I am right now converting it for upload to YouTube so you can watch it and go all nostalgic for the good ol' days!


4 May 2012

James Colbert emailed:

"Life at Arawa Technical College"

What I recognised as a paradise was never taken advantage of by most of the staff,....almost everyone, continually bitched, gossiped & backstabbed one another. It never really "got" to me., I just lived it as I saw it, & enjoyed every little bit of my time living there. Everyone on the island was paid well, for what I considered an easy & enjoyable lifestyle. I really liked the Bougainvilleans.

James Colbert
email jrc10846[AT]

3 May 2012

Debbie Wilson (now Underwood) emailed from Dee Why:

Hello Peter

It's Debbie Wilson! I was so surprised to come across your wonderful site last night. I was feeling a little nostalgic for those wonderful times on Bougainville and googled fortunately I came across your site.

I was amazed to find my picture on page 4 - sweet 16, believe it or not turning 57 this year, has it really been 40 years?

You employed me in 1972 for CCS then your very dear friend Des Hudson took over. Was great to see the old pictures and hear Des is married with 2-3 children, which is it Peter?

I have been married for 27 years and have 1 son 25 years old. We live in Dee Why, Sydney and I work at St Paul's Catholic College in Manly. You would remember my very dear brother Gary Wilson who you worked with at Bechtel, unfortunately Gary passed away in 1985 which was such a tragedy.

I will send some photos, unfortunately many of my photos have been water damaged. Please send my best wishes to Des. My husband John and I have been holidaying at Tuross for the past 7 years, beautiful area down there.

Very best wishes to you
Debbie Underwood (Wilson)

Debbie with her new boss, Des Hudson; Debbie is the one on the right ☺

Debbie with some of the CCS/SHRM office staff

1 May 2012

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