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19 February 2015

Ivan Iroro emailed from Papua New Guinea:


I am a Bougainvillian and was a small boy at that time of construction days, I grew up and went to international school at Panguna in 1973 my father was a employment supervisor By the name of James Iroro. I am surprised to see that people like you are still recalling the good old days at Bougainville.

I am sending photos of Old Kieta Harbour and what Kieta harbour looks like now and also Loloho beach in the eighties. It’s a bit blurry but it will recall back some of the old memories back.

I would like to share stories from people whom have worked here on Bougainville Island, here is my Gmail address; iroroivan[AT] and also my company email address: ivan.iroro[AT]

Thank you very much and hear from you soon.

Kieta now

Kieta then

Loloho Beach then


4 February 2015

Black Tie Ball Friday 15th May 2015


The reunion this year falls on Sunday 17th May. On this special occasion of the 25th year of our departure from Bougainville`s shores we are combining the picnic with a formal ball, see flyer above. The venue is the Queensland Irish Association`s function rooms at 175 Elizabeth St. Brisbane.

Attendance for the picnic is not limited but for the Ball the maximum seating is 250. Half of the tickets have some claim upon them so they should be sold out by early next month. Payment for tickets will be accepted from the 1st March.