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30 January 2012

Garry Snow emailed:

Hi my name is Garry Snow. After discovering your web I was wondering if you have any photos of that era 1968-71 (Ian Sarge Williams was my boss.) Did 2 years at Panguna and took many photos especially my 21st birthday party was at the camp. There were many people at the party and remember driving down to Kieta next day. Not very pleasant with many stops. Have not looked at these agfa slides for 44years. Still in storage and will get them out if you have any interest. Just remembered my other boss John Langdon..Worked for CRA.
Regards Garry Snow
email garryandserena[AT]

7 January 2012

Lynda Lapham emailed from Toowoomba:

Hi there,

I was a dreadful young thing during my time on Bougainville - end of 1975 through to end 1977. So many names flying around that I do not see here. My dad, John Lapham started with Barclays and finished there with SHRM. Ringa and Mayron Witehira, Roger (?) who used to hang out with them and had the dubious honour of being a Maori Kiwi who could not sing or play guitar (or so he claimed!), Fred Gampe, Merle and Graham Lovell, the Crouchers, a heap of Barclay Brothers people who are too numerous to mention, Gary Rigney, Mike Hetherington - or maybe it was Harrington? There was the 'infamous' John Beagley - I often wonder where in the world he wandered to. I recall many parties, some of which popped through Camp 5 Birempa. Does anyone recall Bruce McCarthys nephew ? I don't remember his name ... but, he made the mistake of passing out from too much hydration one night ... and there was a very regrettable "incident" with contact cement ... poor bloke! Hahahaha

We firstly lived in "the Butterboxes" at Toniva - anyone remember those hideous yellow flats? Then, a set of 4 units (2 x 2 duplexes) at Arawa and neighbours were, the Watts, the Carters and the Binghams. Then when Dad went working for SHRM, we went to Camp 5.

Does anyone recall "drinking lovely glublick" at the Drama Society?

I don't think I'll ever forget painting my dad's yacht, in a dinghy and watching the high jinks happening at the boat ramp ... and at the shower on the beach ... my eyes are scarred for life! ;-)

Anyhow, GREAT site! Thank you

Regards, Lynda Lapham
email territorian[AT]

3 January 2012

Mark L Frankling emailed from France

I had some very good memories of Bougainville It was sad to see all my favourate places, such as the Davara Hotel / Arovo Resort / the Kieta wharf lay to ruins...

My "Dad" Roger Frankling was the Assistant Manager at Rabaul Stevedores - Kieta (1981-1989). He was especially good friends with Vic Fisher "The Captain" of the "Lae Chief" Ship - Bob Strong / Peter & Lin Mares The Legendary Bob Strong who was the manager of Toboroi plantation near Aropa Airport was also the transport manager at Rabaul Stevevedores...( My Dad sadly passed away on the Isle of Wight UK 2001.)

Mark's father Roger E. Franklin

My favourate moment of my Dad was when he lost his Rolex watch when diving of Arovo/Pok pok island to the bottom of the very deep ocean. Ahhhhhg - You should of seen his face!! (After all those years that "dive watch" should still keep good timing!!!)

My Brother Jeff & I went to Loloho Correspondence School & Toniva in 1982 before being shipped off to Boarding School St Peter's Boarding school in New Zealand 1983.




I am looking for old photos/post-cards/Memories... of Bougainville in the 1980'S You "oldies" & Kids are all welcomed.


P.P.S. see also here.

Bob Corbett emailed from Newcastle, Australia

Julie was just browsing the web and chanced upon this website. Glad to read Alan's update of 2005. We have very fond memories of our time on Bougainville in the mid-late 80s and especially the renditions of the BCL Blues. Alan, if you see this website again, we'd love to hear from you and would love a CD of the most memorable song from those days and Condom if you have it.

We have been living on Lake Macquarie (Newcastle) for 10 years, after moving from Orange, NSW where we spent 11.5 years. Ted and Coral Tame recently moved to Lake Macquarie. They keep in touch with a few of the oldies from KSCC.

We still own Uriava. A few years ago we caught up with Dr Hamish Foster and the owner of Bintaro whilst out sailing.