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24 August 2012

From the webmaster of the Bougainville website:

We've just come home after a couple of hours' 'aquatic therapy' in the heated indoor pool at Ulladulla. In the men's changeroom I found a discarded CAMAY soap wrapper which immediately brought back memories.

During the construction phase of the mine when I lived at Camp 6 at Loloho, we received with our weekly towel change a new piece of CAMAY soap, whether we had used up the old one or not. Usually we hadn't and there was CAMAY soap all over the camp.

A certain surveyor would collect all the CAMAY soap he could get his hands on and also regularly empty the crib rooms of all their LIPTON tea-bags and ARNOTT'S Scotch Finger biscuits all of which he would parcel up and send to his family in Perth.

If you have ever been to Perth and seen a family with a lovely complexion and an aversion to LIPTON tea and ARNOTT'S Scotch Finger biscuits, you will know whom I talking about ☺


21 August 2012

George R. Diaz emailed:

I was there in 1971 for six months , representing the Euclid Service dept. I was the Tech. supporting the fleet of R105. Great experience missed baseball season in USA that year left in October, great site!

George R. Diaz

19 August 2012

Selwyn Hopley emailed from Maleny in Queensland:

Hi There,

I have noticed your Bougainville website before but did nothing about it. I am now retired and would like to add my name to the list of people who worked on the Bougainville Copper Project and enjoyed the experience immensely.

I worked for Morrison Knudsen Fluor as a surveyor in 1970 initially building the access road up to the mine and based at Camp 5 at Nairovi and arrived just after the big slip occurred on the road. I then transferred up to Camp 4 at Panguna setting out the road down to the Jaba River and mine structures including the primary crusher. In 1971 I moved down to Arawa working for Thiess Bros surveying the roads and infrastructure for the new Arawa Township. I had a great time on Bougainville with an overland walk down to Buin through the Jungle with some mates during the big strike in 1970 and a look at Admiral Yamamoto’s Betty bomber on the way. Also climbing Mt Balbi in 1971 with 3 friends after flying up to the Rotokas village airstrip on its flanks in a Missionary Aviation Fellowship Cessna.

I spent several years off and on after this contracting on PNG projects such as the Highlands Highway, Ok Tedi Copper & Gold Mine, Misima Gold Mine, Lihir Gold Mine, Kutubu Oil and Gobi Oil Fields mainly in a fly in / fly out role. I think I can honestly say that these were some of the best and most interesting years of my life so far.

I am now watching the grass grow up in Maleny on the Blackall Range above Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and enjoying the sound of the birds and the cows off to milking.


Selwyn Hopley
email selhopley[AT]

18 August 2012


The Bougainville Induction Video has just been viewed for the 1,000th time!

Spread the word and share your memories with others!

17 August 2012

Admiral Yamamoto's Betty Bomber

Hi Peter

Attached are a few of photos that might interest some of your bloggers, they are from a trip to Buin and a stop off to see the wreckage of Admiral Yamamoto's Mitsubishi G4M "Betty Bomber" shot down be USA P38 Lightnings in 1943. When trying to locate the main wreckage we stumbled across a wing tip that was near perfectly preserved on the jungle floor. Details on Yamamoto can be found at



Gunner's Position
The wing
Yamamoto Memorial


- Horizontal script -
山本 元帥 (Yamamoto gensui) - Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief
御 終焉 地 (on shuuen chi) - (on does not have meaning, just emphasising respect) Death, Place -----> The place of death

- Vertical script on the left side -
山本元帥景仰会 (Yanamotogensui keikoukai) - Yamamotogensui Memorial Association
会長 駒形十吉 (kaicho Komagata, Jukichi) - Chief executive Jukichi Komagata

1 August 2012

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