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20 September 2014



Ralph Christen of Sohano Island, and son of Urs Christen, ex-Morgan Equipment Birimpa, is proud owner of MV ISLANDER QUEEN, which will be operating out of Buka Passage.


3 September 2014

Robert Webb emailed from Canada:

Hello Peter,

I was on the Bougainville (TPNG) mine website and your email was listed as the webmaster. I understood you were building a sort of record of the survivors of the early build days. It does make one feel old when I look at the Panguna mine pictures today. When I last saw it, it was brand new. There is a picture of a steam turbine rotor rusting in the weather. Since it would be virtually impossible for non-skilled people to open the turbines................... I believe I was there the day that turbine failed and was on the crew that took it out.

I am still hard at the mining thing. These days up in Canada's North,

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