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17 August 2012

Admiral Yamamoto's Betty Bomber

Hi Peter

Attached are a few of photos that might interest some of your bloggers, they are from a trip to Buin and a stop off to see the wreckage of Admiral Yamamoto's Mitsubishi G4M "Betty Bomber" shot down be USA P38 Lightnings in 1943. When trying to locate the main wreckage we stumbled across a wing tip that was near perfectly preserved on the jungle floor. Details on Yamamoto can be found at



Gunner's Position
The wing
Yamamoto Memorial


- Horizontal script -
山本 元帥 (Yamamoto gensui) - Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief
御 終焉 地 (on shuuen chi) - (on does not have meaning, just emphasising respect) Death, Place -----> The place of death

- Vertical script on the left side -
山本元帥景仰会 (Yanamotogensui keikoukai) - Yamamotogensui Memorial Association
会長 駒形十吉 (kaicho Komagata, Jukichi) - Chief executive Jukichi Komagata