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1 December 2011

Colin Burns snail-mailed from Belowra:

"Gut de Masta Peter,

Mi laik sekan yu - nem bilong mi Masta Col Burns, mi bin wok long Bougainville namel 1969 - 1972 ..."
, and he continues to write in Pidgin English for a whole page.

I am sure Col would like to hear from other ex-Bougies but he's not an easy man to contact as he lives in dinosaur-country far away from an internet connection.

You can write to him at

Colin Burns
via Nerrigundah NSW 2545

or phone him on (02) 44779306.

I guess you could also visit him but let me warn you: Nerrigundah is in a remote location. We went there several years ago and I wrote this webpage about it.

If you're not from the South Coast of New South Wales (and even if you are), you'd probably never heard of Nerrigundah, let alone Belowra which is another 35 km beyond Nerrigundah and even farther out in the sticks.