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16 October 2012

Ian Quinn emailed from Hong Kong:

Hi...was a pilot with Crowleys and sent over to Kieta to open up a base there in '71.

One of the 'activities' was the parachute club which after I was approached by one of the guys at Arawa we started dropping aspiring skydivers out of a Cessna 207 and later a Cessna 205.

This wasn't completely kosher and was done between various TAA/Ansett arrivals. The guy who set it up was ex-SAS and a bit of a character. One of the 'trainees' broke a leg and was carted off Kieta airport in a Landrover. Ended when a twin-engined Aztec was sent over to replace the single-engined Cessna.

Never took any photos but wondered if anybody remembers the 'Club'?

Lived in many places since Bougainville but currently in Hong Kong. Liked the Arovo Island postcards and photos on your married there in 1972 when it was in its heydays. It's a shame what has happened in Bougainville when it had so much going for it.

Ian Quinn
email chinapilot1[AT]