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8 April 2013

Memories are made of this!

I've just come across this simple little cook book from my time in New Guinea. This little gem had been my haus boi's who answered to the name of Getup. "Get Up!"; "Yes, Masta!"

The book had been published by Methodist Mission Press in Rabaul which accounts for the many full-page adverts from businesses I used to know in Rabaul: Rabaul Sports and Music Store; Elvee Trading Coy; Croyden and Viggers; Rabaul Photographic; Rabaul Pharmacies (John Mills); Andersons; Paradise Bakery; AA Hopper and Coy; and many more.

The book's contents are listed under Kai Long Monitaim (Breakfast); Kai Kai Bilong Belo (Luncheon Dishes); Abus Nau Kokoruk (Meat and Poultry); Swit Kai (Sweets); and many others.

Here's a recipe for Kiau na Susu (Scrambled Eggs) which should need no translation:

"3 kiau, 1 kap susu, pepa na sol. Brukim kiau long sosipen, potim sus, na tanim wantain, putim, liklik pepa na sol, tanim wantain moa, kuk im long sosipen, tanim oltaim long pok, long taim i strong, tekewei wara long im, wok im tupela tos na putim kiau antap."

To which I may add, in my best Pidgin English, Bon appetit!