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3 June 2013

Little help needed to find Little Chimbu


Remember Little Chimbu who lived in a round house made of palm-leaves, at the foot of a very tall mountain on a big island called New Guinea? Because it is always warm where Little Chimbu lives, he wears a small grass skirt. He has lots of brothers and sisters who make him cross so he finds a Kokomo Bird to be his friend. When his new friend disappears, Little Chimbu sets out to find him. On the way he has some amazing adventures with a kind Lady Crocodile, an angry Cassowary, and a sleepy Kapul. Finally Little Chimbu does catch up with the Kokomo Bird only to get a big surprise.

Marie and Rowley Cornell remember the Little Chimbu books from their time in New Guinea and emailed:

"Would you please place this notice on your website.

Looking for any spare Nancy Curtis Little Chimbu books and coasters. Willing to pay dollars plus postage. We are expats and lived in Arawa from 72 to 82, section 7. Unfortunately we have misplaced our well loved editions.

Please contact Marie and Rowley Cornell. Email. cornellrm[AT]

'Thanks for your help Riverbend"

If you have any Little Chimbu books for sale (or to give away ☺ ), please contact Marie and Rowley direct.