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12 September 2013

Colin Cowell emailed from Canberra:

Hi Pete

Talk about discovering a gold mine of memories!
Please add me to your hall of fame (or should that be blame?) I worked in the accounts department at Bechtel December 1969-1973 with yourself, Bulldog (met up with him in London 1975), Les Feeny (met in 1986 St Kilda Melbourne), and Thor Blysceck (worked with him in Montreal 1975).

Went to Canada in 1975 to work with Lloyd but it was too bloody cold.

Pete the Eskimo died on a trip to the Phillipines if memory serves me well.

Your story about Bulldog's organ brought back many memories. I helped organise the party at Loloho when Bulldog played Hot August Night 100 times and we drank 8 kegs, if I remember correctly.

Will send you a story to publish on your site as I have lots of good stories.

Currently based in Canberra and often get down to the Bay. What is your telephone number and we can catch up for a coffee and a laugh.