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15 April 2015

Eric Chang emailed from Port Moresby:

Hello Peter.

Worked with Bechtel from 1971 and Nikana Wholesalers from 1974; Dept of Transport 1972 and Bougainville Pharmacies 1973-1979. I left Bougainville in March 1979, lived and worked there till 1980 then left. I have been in Port Moresby since 1981 and have made it "home". I have a freight frorwarding business called Hi-Lift Co. Ltd. I now have my son Matthew running it and am taking a back seat. I now spend some time in Brisbane when I need a break from PNG.

I looked at some of the photos on your website. Doesn't Owen Dyer look young? I suppose we were all young; I was 20 years old when I went to Bougainville, he just seemed old to me, his partner was Tom Black who worked with us in Bechtel's Loloho Customs department. One of the photos had Alan Spicer in it, do you remember him? When I was last in Brisbane, my wife and I got out some of the old slides of Bougainville and that brought back some memories. I will look through my slides and post a few on the site.

Do you remember Tony Re? I hear from him occasionally. I usually contact him if we go to Melbourne. He is now semi-retired. Interesting to read thru the list of names it brings back a lot of memories.

We have lived in in Port Moresby since 1981 and still happy there!

Susan and Eric