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6 December 2016

Ian Rummery emailed from Jamestown on St Helena Island:


Hi Peter

As your blog entry says ex-Bougainville employees are diminishing and last Saturday my father Richard Rummery passed away. He worked at the Loloho power house and my sister Kay and I went to Bovo primary. We were there 1972 to 1979. I am so grateful to my parents that I had a chance to grow up in such a wonderful place.

I now live on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. There is something special about living on islands and I am sure that I can trace a direct link between growing up on Bougainville and now living out here. Though a completely different environment there are some similarities and I hope in time our son Tobias will come to appreciate how lucky he is growing up on St Helena.

And one day I hope to take my wife Belinda and Tobias out to Bougainville.

I could not get back to Australia to see Dad before he died but I spent a lot of time last week going through your website because our time on Bougainville was so special.

A few years back Graeme Wellington came on a cruise ship that stopped by for a few hours. He was one of the few people we knew from Bougainville that we stayed in touch with as he lived fairly close to us in WA. But if any old BCL employees visit they are most welcome and I would be happy to show them around.

Take care

Ian Rummery
P.O Box 112
St Helena Island
South Atlantic Ocean
Ph: ++ 290 23744
Email: rummery.ian[AT]


and, yes, they do have television ...

... and since 2011 an airport: