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19 June 2010

Col Smith

Hi’ I’m Col Smith.
I came up from Sydney to Bougainville with my family in 1974 to help set up the computer system in the “pink palace”. These were UK designed ICL computers, a company I’d previously worked for in Australia. My wife Iris, was a teacher at the Bovo school through this period and, among other foolish things, we both participated in the ARAWA Hash House Harriers, John Barr the Grand Master at the time. Characters in the hash at the time were Peter Searle, Dave Duggan, Pat McCormack, John Craig, Geoff Trebilco and many more stout fellows. We left in 1977 as our boys, Luke and Jake, came closer to requiring an Australian education which was free of the influences of bording schools. The only ex-Bougainvillians we are now in contact with are Pete and Sue Hobday, Pete was with and later managed the computer section, and Garth and Margaret Hennessy of Hastings Deering fame.. These were three of the most interesting and enjoyable years of our lives. We are now retired to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand with our memories of a fantastic experience.
Rgds to all