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24 February 2013

Damien Kenneally emailed from Cooma:


I worked in the engineering office in Panguna for Pol Guzman for most of 1971. Colleagues included Roy Goldsworthy, Adam Bulinski, Tony Strove (Bechtel) and Bill Adams.

Thanks for the site which I found only recently.

I am now retired in Cooma, NSW

Damien Kenneally
email fletchkenneally[AT]

PS. Roy, where are you these days?


Edited reply from Roy "Goldfinger" Goldsworthy:

"Hi Damien

So many years ago – doesn’t time fly? Every crossroads in life one never knows if one went down the right path – for me probably 50-50. I have done so many things that I have to look at my cv to see where I was at any particular time.

Adam Bulinski I saw a couple of times when working in Melbourne he ended up (at the time) driving a fork lift in a big warehouse & preaching politics at the weekend at poets’ corner.

I have not heard from Peter (Riverbend) for a while – he may have gone for a long holiday in Samoa. The others I have not heard from – but there used to be a B’ville get-together in Brisbane every year

I actually stayed on in Bougainville till 1978. Then from 78 to 87 worked in Melbourne for an engineering design company and got involved with modifications to a oil tanker. As there was no one interested I had a go & basically been in that work ever since – specialize in the design and construction of offshore living quarters. Much of my early work was in the Middle East (Qatar & Abu Dhabi) but have also worked in Korea, several years in China, and Singapore and Malaysia. Although I have just turned 70 – I am now working with Technip in Bangkok for the FEED stage of a large 160 man LQ for Chevron for Thai waters.

I received you email whilst down in Kuala Lumpur – but have been too busy to reply till now."