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3 March 2013

Gray Chandler emailed these photos:

This i believe is the original Adit the geologists used to ascertain the viability of the ore body. It was uncovered during the Pit expansion. Maybe someone from Geology Or Engineering can give us more detail. Was this the only Adit ?????.

cheers,gray chandler


And here's a photo of the man himself at the old CAT Shop in 1973 with his right-hand man PUNDI. Al Medwin was Supervisor. Rest of the crew were John Standen, Barney Rogers, Milan Drajic, Peter Moyle, Joe ''BULLSHIT''Jarzinka.

The next one was taken at Loloho. Gray Chandler in lower left-hand corner. The individual in top right with leg in the air is Lawrence "ROCKY" Roe. He was a Fitter on the shiploader. He went on to start "Rocky Roe Photographics" based in Port Moresby. Still there today and doing very well. He did the photographs for a couple of BCL books.

And here are some shots from the 'big riot':