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9 March 2013

John Heads emailed from West Leichhardt River in NW Queensland:

Hello Peter,

I have seen the ex-BCL site on a number of occasions now, great effort and well done. I was one of the later arrivals, though the memories and affection for the place & people are similar to all who had the good fortune to experience time on Bougainville Island.

Lost everything that I owned at the time on the Island, left late March 1990 for a supposed 2 weeks to get a new work visa and come back as a part of care & maintenance, but that never happened.

Probably like a lot of folk, my life really has never been the same since leaving. I have a genuine respect for the local people and the Island itself, not too sure how I’m going to accomplish this next task but I would like to go back and be a part of Bougainville tourism somehow, surfing, fishing and scuba diving would keep me busy I reckon, along with re-establishing Rugby League if possible. Would you know of any ex-BCL or other people interested in my above mentioned interests ? If so, could you please put me in touch with them.

Thank you and regards,

John Heads
email john.heads[AT]

Note by blogmaster: John lives 11 km away from Kajabbi, a seriously remote location in NW Queensland where he is part of the care and maintenance crew at the old Mt. Cuthbert Copper Mine which was owned & operated by a WA company called Matrix Metals that went belly-up circa 2008 as part of the global financial crisis.