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25 October 2013

Roz Stevens-Lloyd emailed from Carnarvon in Western Australia:

I have returned from a visit to Bougainville after 17 years away. I was born on Bougainville in 1972 and lived there until 1989. My father, Joe Stevens, was there for 18 years and worked for BCL. As a child I spent most of my life fishing the ocean around Bougainville. I spent 10 wonderful days in Bougainville in July/August this year, visiting Arawa, Kieta, Panguna and Loholo and fishing all around the waters of Arovo and Buka.

We live in Carnarvon WA. We flew to Cairns, then on to Port Moresby, then to Bougainville. We found a great guy who has a new tour business on Bougainville. His name is Zhon Bosco Miriona and he can be contacted at bougtours[AT] - for his website click here. He arranged everything for us once we got to Arawa at a reasonable price.

I would like to share the following photos on your BOUGAINVILLE website:


Panguna Mine

Single Men's units, now used as classrooms

Buka Passage

Roadside market on way from Buka to Arawa


Number 4 Island off Loloho

Bovo School

The old boat ramp and weighbridge at Loloho

The old boat ramp and weighbridge at Loloho

An ex-Bovo School student's daughter May;
her dad Ralph Christen owns the resort on Sohano

Wreck at Arovo

The one that didn't get away:
Husband Tony caught this one at the reef near Arovo Island