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9 November 2013

Alan Wilson emailed about "Mr Pip":



Just came back from the cinema where I saw Mr. PIP with "great expectations" of what Bougainville looked like around 1989. I saw it at the Palace Cinema in Balwyn but it seems to be showing at many others around Melbourne.

Hugh Laurie played an excellent part in the movie and the other actors (Bougainvillians) were really good, considering that they were all novices.

Just want to warn people that this movie is not for the faint-hearted. It is certainly not a travelogue and some of the brutality was not the nicest thing to see on the screen.

Not denying that this brutality happened during this time in the history of Bougainville, but not sure that I needed to experience it in such graphic detail.

As a matter of fact, the movie has left both my wife and myself with some quite unpleasant memories, which may take some time to subside.

Most of the scenes appear to have been shot in a village on a beach area similar to Loloho.

I don't want to put people off seeing the movie, just be prepared.

This movie will probably have a short run, as it may only appeal to a limited audience.

Alan Wilson