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12 November 2013

Tim Farrell emailed from Darwin:

I worked on Bougainville 1982 1983 for Zillmer Construction based at Kieta. Did a lot of work at Panguna , working through Wyn Spurr. Worked with Peter Wallerich, Peter Goodenhoff and Murray Alderton. Also drank a lot of SPs with them at the Halfway House at Kobuan across the road from Zillmers yard. Old Bill Chapman ran the Halfway house and there were some pretty crazy times; also at the Kieta Hotel with the Phantom. Good old days.

Arrived Aropa airport 1982 worked for Peter Zillmer at Kobuan with Bernard Schizling, of Scerosis music band fame, regular gigs at numerous Bougainville venues. Peter Wallerich a well known character on Bougainville with the long beard and supervisor at Zillmers, Kiwi Murray Edwards, who last time I saw him in 2008 was in his home town of Balclutha NZ, Tony Aburn, who passed on several years ago in his native Dunedin, I had a few good times with him there. Paul Burgess, the last I heard Paul was in Cairns. John Schwartz, don't know whereabouts, was married to Bougainvillean Monica. The Halfway house over the road from Zillmer yard was the venue of many a late night, Bill Chapman an old Aussie fella ran the place, it was frequented by Zillmer guys and the likes of Murray Alderton of Kieta Plumbing and Construction fame, Peter Goodenoof a well known Bougainville earthworks identity, Martin, not sure of surname maybe Riehardt, German mate of Peter Wallerich, an old fella Clive ,who was married to a local, Henry from Manus, there was a lot of SP, San Mig, and whisky and G&Ts drank there anyway. The Phantom at the Kieta Hotel, John Robertson of Toniva Earthmovers and his Fijian wife that were really good to me one time, thanks if you're out there. Had some experiences there, Tony Setu at Bovo Plantation, the trip by road to Buin in the landcruiser with John Schwartz and Paul Burgess, the road was absolutely shocking, ended up being an adventure, trips up the Jaba river to Barclays camp,the road was 4wd only. Work up at Panguna for Wyn Spur down at civil workshop, and that dreaded Policeman's corner on the road to Panguna, Discos at Loloho with Scerosis and their hit song Spangaray. Peter Zillmer with his Porsche 928, I think, zooming around the island, Helga who was real help in the office at Zillmers, Wally from Samurai province, Peter Wallerich the foreman, Charlie Wia and many more that made up the fabric that was Bougainville then.

Tim Farrell