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17 September 2012

Andrew Liversidge emailed this from Brisbane

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the web site - the pictorial review was fantastic - so many memories came flooding back.
I was at Panguna 1978 - 1980 in the computer dept at the 'pink palace' as it was lovingly known. Like most of the other writers to your site, my stay at the mine still rates as one of my major 'life experiences' and I will dust off some photos to send you. I note that lots of the people that I knew are not on your honour roll Graham Pascoe (the angry ant), Willie Streeter, Owen Sykes, Geoff xxx (accountant), Miles George haven't registered with you - perhaps we should have a push to get everyone who knows someone that hasn't checked in, to do so. On my wish list - is there anyone out there who made a video or audio recording of 'The Dracula Spectacular' which was staged in Arawa. The only name I can remember from the cast was 'Clive someone' - he worked at the concentrator. I used to play piano at the motel on the way to the airport (can't remember the name) and sometimes at Arovo. And I still remember the taste of fish, freshly caught off Loloho and the evil practices of taking prawn remains back to the office and putting them inside phone handsets etc, whenever someone went finish!
Andrew Liversidge
Brisbane, Australia