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14 September 2012

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They inspire feelings of great passion and serenity ... they give people the opportunity to find themselves ... they are revered as paradise ... they provide a real, friendly community ... What is it about islands that has captivated millions of people around the world and through the centuries?

In this penetrating, brilliantly written book that weaves travel, history, politics, personality, and ancient and popular culture into one compelling narrative, Thurston Clarke island-hops around the oceans of the world, searching for the explanation of the most passionate and enduring geographic love affair of all times - between humankind and islands.

As you read this book and experience what Lawrence Durrell called an 'indescribable intoxication' at finding yourself in 'a little world surrounded by the sea', you may discover that islands are more liberating than confining, more contemplative than lonely, more holy than barbaric because they remove us from all the wickedness of the world.

And you will feel totally liberated and completely removed from all the wickedness of the world at VILLA MAMANA on tropical Telekivava'u.