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17 September 2012

Guy Thornton emailed from Spain:

God knows how I came across your website.

Yeah, I worked for ODGFMIC as a trades assistant in 70/71. I was 23. My dad was a chopper pilot and in 66 had a short contract flying for Crowley Aviation in Lae. His contract ended, my mum, dad & siblings returned to UKand I just stayed behind. I worked for CDW aka Comworks as a timekeeper. I earned great money and travelled a lot. My girlfriend then got a job at a hotel her uncle was involved in on the little island off Kieta - Aruva, I think it was called. So I flew to Kieta and on the plane sat next to a chap who was one of the bosses of the ODGFMIC joint venture. He very kindly offered me a job. I spent a year at Panguna and then, as the contract wound down, a month or two at Arawa. I don't think I've ever earned as much money since in comparative terms. We did about 3 or 4 hours overtime a day, often 7 days a week. We had great food. I loved it. Used to take the company bus down to Kieta now and then and visit my girlfriend who pushed off to London after a couple of months anyway. On reflection I spent far too much time in TPNG - I was only 18 in 66 when I first went there. Five years mixing with odd types, drinking too much, earning easy didn't really develop my character. Anyway, there we are!

I am retired and live in Spain with my wife of 30 years. Of marriage, not her age. Unfortunately.

I understand TPNG or whatever they call it nowadays, has gone to pot.

Kind regards,
email foxenburg[AT]