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17 September 2012

Anja Crute emailed from Western Australia:

Hi all,
Well I have been searching to get intouch with my past and here I have found a lot of you, well a lot of you probably more familiar with my parents, Gary and Nana Lye. My name is Anja Crute (Lye/Eichler). I have been thinking about setting up a website for my generation, the likes of Matthew and Susan Kent, Julian Buckley, Claire Lowry, Shella Williams, Scott Mullins, Lindsay and Evan McCartin, Chris and Andrew Gaines and the list goes on. I would appreciate if anyone has had contact with any of my long lost friends or any member of their family. Well I am now living in the coastal town of Dunsborough Western Australia, and mum and dad are living in Bangledesh. We moved to WA in 1988/89. Since then dad worked for KCGM and mum has progressed with her art and got her Masters. I have 2 beautiful children Holly 11 and Jayden 8. I am currently studying, Bachelor of Naturopathy. I spend a lot of time perusing my photos of the old days in Bougainville wishing I was still there. I think it sad how we (the kids) probably took for granted where we lived and only realised this when it was too late. We had so many fun times, weekends staying in the dongas at Loloho, endless parties on school holidays, and for any of you parents out there whose kids went to boarding school, those trips home and overnighting in Moresby, my how we use to be all so close and have so much fun, trust and beautiful life. I mean really who gets taught by Sven at the age of 12 to scuba dive and have the amazing underwater world to explore. I remember the fantastic rides on Horst’s helicopter, the climbing of the volcano, staying in villages with mum upto 2 weeks on a small island in Buka called Matzungan (not sure of how you spell that). And who can forget the Drama society, the endless laughs of watching your friends and family up on stage overdramatising maybe at some point, but totally entertaining the crowds. You know, I still believe so much in my heart that we have been the luckiest people in the world to have ever experienced a beautiful sacred place like Bougainville. When I get my website up and running I shall be back to let you all know what the address is, who knows there might be photo’s which will remind you of other people you may have forgotten about. May our memories make us the special ones.
Anja Crute
63 Dunsborough Lakes Drive
Dunsborough WA 6281
PH: 08 9756 7443
Mob: 0411 755 894