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19 June 2010

Gerhard Heinemann

Hallo Peter,

Ich dachte mir da ist etwas deutsch im Namen Goerman, kein doppell n? Mit meinen deutsch hapert es etwas, ich bin in November 2003 genau 50 Jahre von Deutschland weg. Ich gebe Dir also etwas ueber Comtrade.

The firm does not exist anymore as the proprietor Dick France died quite a few years ago. We supplied tradesmen to BCL and quite a few other firms throughout PNG , Northern Australia and the South Pacific. I spent 3 years on Bougainville , had my family there for a while , two of my boys went to Bovo School. We did some house sitting , lived for quite some time at the hotel in Toniva and eventually rented a house on top of Kobuan Hill. From there we could watch the arrival of the supply ships , one was the Globe Trader, the other name escapes me, whose captains Hermann and Erich were great friends of ours.

This is just a short note for you by way of intro. I shall write in more detail with names of people I remember for the Bougainville Project.

In a letter under comments written by Denise Arnold mentioning a NZ girl and the great fun they had on the Island together. The girl is my daughter Cathy White nee' Heinemann. If you should have Denise's address could you pass it on please.

So, bis bald Peter, demnaecht kommt der Beitrag fuer die Bougainville Seite.

Gruesse, Kurt H.