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19 June 2010

John Patey

Dear sir .
I only stayed on Bouganville for 6 weeks in the summer school holidays of 1976. I come from a small town in sw N.S.W called Boree Creek.
I went to boarding school with two boy from there and they invited me back to their home for the holidays. The parents were Norm And Mary Fielden.
I have some photos from that time but they were taken by a 14 yearold with a kodak instamatic and there not that good.
The main things I remember Heat, Rain that hurt when it fell on your head, big toads.
Riding down the river near the mine road on rubber tubes,black sand beaches ,fishing off the reef and catching barracuda.
Id only seen them in books.Lots of other things that crop up in the memory when people talk about this place.
I thought it was the best place for a holiday and I loved every day eaven thought it would have been fun to go back there to work once I left school.
That was the end of that as it never happened.It seems a pity to see what has happened to it after all these years.
Actually suggested to my wife I would take her there one day and show some of the places i had been.
I had heard there are some land mines still there {dont know for sure].Great website keep up the good work.

Regards John Patey