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20 June 2010

Mike Thorne emailed from Cape Town:


Thank you for your web page.

I came there from Western Australia and worked on shovels and drills for a year before going back to the iron ore mines in Western Australia.

I did however end up working and living in PNG for a total of 14 years at Ok Tedi and other construction projects till I left for the last time in 1994.

I ended up living and working in 22 countries, and now live in Cape Town, South Africa.

While in Indonesia did run into the old lost soul from PNG, and one Western Australia, Rod Chandler “The Fox”, but have not seen him for over 20 years now.

The shovels and drill foreman Frank Thomas was killed in a car accident in NSW in the 70’s. It was his first job after leaving PNG; it was very sad as he was so young.

Would I go back? Yes, just to visit as I did in 1983, to work no, have past that, enjoy living in Cape Town too much.

Loved looking at the photos, sorry I don’t have any left of my time on Bougainville, but all the best and thank you for doing what you have done.

I did recognize some of them but not all, there was John from the cricket club and I often wonder what did they all get up to and where are they today.

Have a Blessed Day,
Mike JW Thorne