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19 June 2010

Toby Kalipa

G'day wantok,
My name is Toby Kalipa, I arrive on Bouganville Island on 17-Jan-1970. I was employed by BCL, as an apprentice Carpenter/Joiner, my term of indenture was completed in 1972. From there I progressed my carrer and became the Superintendent of Civil & Buildings, at Panguna township. Initially I lived at Camp Two, as my career progressed, I moved to various locations within the mine town-ship. Eventually I was allocated a house at Kawerong Crescent, living next door to Errol Ryan. When the crisis began, I remained at Arawa, and was one of the last BCL employees to be evacuated.
I have since retired and live on my home island, Panaeati, Misima.
Tonight was my first time to view your site, and it brought back precious memories of good times on Bouganville.
I have a fair few photos from Bouganville, dating from the early Seventies till the late Early Ninties. I am more than willing to share my memories, please feel free to contact me should you wish.

Best Regards,
Toby Kalipa