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19 June 2010

Sandra Clark

John and I arrived Bougainville in December, 1980 with our two sons Gavin and Stuart. We left in October 1989 on our yacht Tiare which John had built whilst on Bougainville.

We are currently living in Atyrau in Kazakhstan which is as different from our island as could be. Flat, no trees, biggest landlocked country in Europe/Asia. John was on the Kutubu pipe line project in the Southern Highlands from December 1990 - June 1992, then he started with Chevron Oil during operations. He is now on loan from Chevron/Texaco to Tengizchevroil and is the Training Manager. Gavin works for AI Scientific, Redcliffe Queensland, but is currently working in Italy setting up the robotic machines and training the service engineers in the use and repair of the equiptment. Stuart works for BPH Billiton at the coal mine at Mouranbah and expects to be a Mine Manager within ten years.

We have very fond memories of our time on Bougainville, we call it Paradise, and only last night we were show! ing some dinner guests our photograph albums of our time there.

Regards Sandra Clark