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19 June 2010

Jim Hocking

The following names are people I have maintained contact with since Bougainville and who I have heard of through those contacts:

Neil Turner - went to Perth some years ago - Died 2002
Dean Bond - lives in Cairns
Ian Bond - lives in Cairns
Mal Baker - lives in Tumby Bay SA
Henry Pearson - lives in Adelaide
Cliff Newman - was living in Queensland - lost contact some years ago
Hal George - was living in Brisbane - lost contact some years ago
Russ Peterson - was living in Townsville - not sure of current status
John Wallace - living in Brisbane (worked in community relations for some time)
Mal Duthie - works for UN - last heard of stationed in Saigon Vietnam
Neil Steward - ?
Paul (not Peter) Quodling?
Maurie Pears?
Ken Edwards?
Don Vernon (of course)
Wal and Min Kaka - Melbourne
Nick Crawley?
John Beagley?
Horst Allman - chopper pilot - loctation?
Jan Blance? -chopper pilot - location?
Les Smith
Ed Denari - Bechtel

More to follow when I can think of them .......... Jim

P.S. Peter - I also have a heap of stuff which will take me a while to dig up - I even have photos from the chopper (which I coordinated the operation of for some time) - also add to the list John Bensemen (I think that is spelt correctly) - he was one of the mechanics at the light vehicle workshop in Panguna and now lives (up to a few years ago at least) in Brisbane.
Laurie Devereaux - died some years ago I think in Brisbane
John Trezise - I think on the Gold Coast although was very ill some time back.
Erwin Goodfruit - again I think in Brisbane (or Queensland anyway).
Jack Dalby - (Port Superintendent during Bechtel days) - whereabouts ?
Bob Hope - I think mine manager - whereabouts ?
Bob Hutton
Bill Dutton

Talk to you soon - lookum yu puk puk .. Jim