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19 June 2010

John and Kris Herron

Just found this site, as i was reminded it was 30 years this month that we went to Bougainville.

Our Bougainville experiences have come alive today, when Ian and Jill Roy contacted us, reminding us that we all arrived in Bougainville 30 years ago this month.

What a great place, great experience, funny times, always a laugh, but had some serious times as well.

Our son went to Bovo School, our daughter to Kieta PreSchool, and they had one of the best lives young children could ever had.

I think often of what has happened to that magic place as a result of civil unrest, and wonder just how the locals are currently faring.

John worked at the Mine Training College for two years. We recently caught up with John Marshall through John Davidson’s website. John is in Canberra.

If there is a reunion then we would love to go.

It will be a case of reminiscing while I sort through all my photos. We have heaps of slides, but it is a slow process putting them onto the computer.

We are retired, my from illness, John from choice, but he has been working part time for his previous company. We live in Hervey Bay a great spot 3 hours north of Brisbane.

We have a holiday house, or rather a holiday haus (Annesley Haus At the Bay), named in recognition of our wonderful and exciting time on Bougainville.

We do know that Justin Marshall (John Marshall’s son) and Moses Havini’s son are trying to create some business adventures on Bougainville.

John and Kris Herron