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19 June 2010

Stuart Harris

Happened across your site and it has bought back some fond memories. I was a teller at the Bank of New South Wales at Kieta from February 1972 until December 1973.

I had some good friends who worked at BCL. but most of their names escape me. I was heavily involved with sailing and in those days the club was known as 'Kieta Sailing and Cruising Club'. I'm sure I still have one of the club pennants. I still remember the initial meeting on a beach at Kieta starting the club and the first race. From memory there were about 5 or 6 boats competing. A Hobie 16' owned by Jim Smith who ran the local Trade store, a Gwen 12 (which I sailed on) and I cannot remember the rest of the fleet. A name and photo I came across on your website was the Commodore, a Ross Henderson (the local kiap). I don't think Ross was the first Commodore, it was a tall blonde pommie bloke with a beard but I cannot remember his name. Ross and his wife Judy are very good friends of ours and we still maintain some contact with them.

I have some slides still but have not looked at them for years. Thanks for your website.

Stuart Harris
Government Casino Inspector
Government Inspectorate
Wrest Point Hotel Casino
410 Sandy Bay Road