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19 June 2010

Veronica Clarke

Dear Peter

Thanks for your reply. I was there from 72-82 but Colin was there from the start. He is now working in Borneo and I have included his email for you to get details from him. We are based in Brisbane. I worked for Don Vernon and Col was in one of the vehicle workshops in Panguna. Both our girls were born there and we were great friends of Graeme McKenzie, Seabags, Ken Nelson, Kev Groom and Davo. Email Col and he will fill you in. He will be down shortly and I have told him we must send you some photos. He has some of the famous Pooty League (football team??!!)

Col has since emailed from Sengata in Northern Kalimantan as follows:

I arrived in Bougainville with CRA Exploration on 24th September 1967 & departed early 1981.

The first road into Panguna had just been completed. Prior to this it was chopper only. I worked in the original workshop working on exploration drills and anything else that broke down including the mess oven. I was there for the development of the trial adit, the pilot plant, the change to BCL, construction and later production.

When I departed I was Superintendent at the MEWS.

I met my wife Veronica in Bougainville after she transfered from CRA in Melbourne. We married in Melbourne and now have 2 children Collen (now married and living in France) and Lauren (now married and living in Braken Ridge Qld). Both were born on Bougainville.

I am now Project Manager with Liebherr at the Kaltim Prima Coal mine site East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Some of the early names on site were: Leo Jones, Kevin Groom, Colin Bishop (Project Manager during Exploration), Kevin Bowman, John Barnham, Dennis Curren, Simon Feely, John Craigie, Brian Allen, Ian Williams, Mal Woolhouse, John Lamgman, Ken Nelson, Maurie Collis and so it goes on.

I have a collection of old colour slides that I will sort through when I return and will forward.