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19 June 2010

Jamie Shaw

I stumbled across your site last month and was delighted to view the photos you've got posted. Memories came flooding back. I had the pleasure of growing up in Panguna - our parents Eric & Jacky Shaw moved us to Bougainville in 1971 and remained there until shutdown and evacuation in April 1990.

I have attached some photos that might be of interest. Please feel free to use them as you see fit. There are more where these came from. Details are as follows:

arovo01.jpg - Arovo Island Jetty 1986
arovo02.jpg - Arovo Resort Scuba Hut 1986 (this was owned / managed by John McLeod
arovo03.jpg - Arovo Island Resort approx 1983 (white game fishing cruiser at mooring was owned by Robbie Robson)
arovo04.jpg - Looking towards Loloho & Mt Bagana volcano from Arovo 1986
arovo05.jpg - Arovo Island Resort Ferry High & Dry approx 1987
loloho01.jpg - Loloho Wharf from behind power station 1986 loloho_panorama - Loloho Beach at Sunrise 1986
mine_panorama - Panguna mine 1986
r170.jpg - Euclid R170 Haul truck 1986
goldmine01.jpg - Old Kupei Gold Mine Stamping Mill 1984 (this was on the bush track walk between Panguna & Arawa)

These were taken by me around 1986 when my time in Panguna was coming to a close as I started university and moved to Brisbane. I flew back regularly with the intention of getting more but never got around to doing it

As a long time resident we took Bougainville for granted, and never really made a conscience effort to capture our home in photographs. The end came suddenly and we lost the opportunity. Your site has helps fill the void - thanks. My brother and sisters still consider Panguna "home". I'm now having difficulty explaining to my children were I grew up and what it was like.

Dad has hundreds of slides stashed away somewhere. Next time I go through them I'll look out for ones relevant to your site.

Can I also suggest you get in contact with Don & Llane Hadden. Don is listed in your "Comments" page. Don is an avid birdwatcher and talented photographer - and should have some excellent images of what Bougainville looks like now. He and Llane were teaching in Arawa around 1999 - 2001. Don might have some photos for your "aftermath" page currently under construction.

There used to be an annual get together of ex-BCL people here in Brisbane. I missed last year. I don't suppose you know if it is being held this year by any chance ?

Hope the above is of interest.

Regards & Thanks for the Memories